Introduction of Guesthouse akicafe inn (Cafe, Chapter 3)


Xmas!! is!! coming!! now!!!👏
Today I wanna introduce Xmas limited edition beverages☕️

Chapter2: About cafe menu⇨ 【Cafe Chapter2】

Strawberry Tea Latte
Dried strawberry makes red accent

First of all! This is Alice(akicafe staff )’s favorite beverage,
🍓”Strawberry Tea Latte”🍓
Fluffy and creamy milk and Strawberry-flavored makes super mariage!
Topped dry strawberry adds moderately sour spices😋

White chocolate mocha
Look at this cute fluffy latte

Next! “White chocolate mocha”🍫。
This is a sweet espresso beverage☕️
Milky white chocolate and medium-roasted coffee are combined to taste like a sweet caramel chocolate milk.
This beverage will warm your heart!

Hot Apple

End then, 🍎”Hot Apple” mixed with original spice🍎, 100% straight apple juice carefully selected by the store manager and spices that warms the body together.
This is a perfect drink in winter ⛄️
Try this when you want a refreshing fruity drink☕︎

These beverages are limited edition until 29 Dec(maybe without Hot apple)

Let’s have a warm at akicafe( ´ ▽ ` )