Introduction of Guesthouse akicafe inn (Accommodation, Chapter2)


Guesthouse akicafe inn is only 3-min walk from Hiroshima station. It was in renovation and reopened in January, 2019. Now except for the accommodation to host travelers, we also have a cafe that provides healthy and local foods, coffee and some sweets. At night, the cafe place will turn out to be a comfy bar where people get together to meet new friends.

This is the appearance of guesthouse akicafe inn!!

We have rental bikes for our guests. ☺️Let’s take a small trip with bikes~

[Price] : ¥500/day

It is very convenient to travel around the city with bikes.

We have 3 bikes in total.
If you want to rent i, please come to our reception desk to ask the staff. (><)

Also electric bike is available!! 🚲✨

🚲 Staff recommendation list for the cycling spots 🚲

① Atomic Bomb Dome/ Peace Memorial Park (15 min from akicafe inn by bike)

Atomic Bomb Dome / Photo by : akicafe inn staff

The Atomic Bomb Dome symbolizes the pledge to convey the horror of the abolition of nuclear weapons and eternal world peace.

② Shukkeien Garden (10 min from akicafe inn by bike)

The Japanese-style garden with long history / Photo by : akicafe inn staff

Shukkeien Garden is a garden with long history which can be traced back to 1620 built by the local feudal lord family. In 2020 it will come to a celebration for its 400th anniversary for the constructions.

The garden is a great place for you to admire the changes of four seasons and experience your inner peace with its calm pond and abundance of natural scenery inside the noisy city.

[Opening hours] 1st, April ~ 30th, September (9:00-18:00)
1st, October ~ 31st, March(9:00-17:00)
[Price] Adult: ¥260 / Students: ¥150

③ Hiroshima Castle (15 min from akicafe inn by bike)

Hiroshima Castle / Photo by : akicafe inn guest Meli ( from Germany)

If you like the history of Japan, you can take a glimpse of the samurai culture in museum in the castle.

Castle (Price : Adult ¥370)
– March to November : 9:00-18:00
– December to February : 9:00-17:00

Palace (Price: Free)
– April to September : 9:00-17:30
– October to March : 9:00-16:30

Last admission : 30 minutes before closing.

④ Hiroshima Illuminations (Peace Boulevard) (20 min from akicafe inn by bike)

Hiroshima Illuminations / Photo by : Internet Searching

Lasting for around 2 months in the end of a year, the Hiroshima Illuminations have become a winter traditions for people to celebrate together. The colorful spotlights and decorations blazed at night make it so romantic for couples to hang around.

[Period] : 15th/11/2019 (Fri) – 3rd/1/2020 (Fri)
[Time] : 17:30-22:30
[Price] : Free

It is so much fun to travel around the city by bikes. (>w<)
Akicafe inn provides you the options!! 😀

akciafe inn

Please refer to the link for more information : 【Accommodation Chapter1】