Foods in Hiroshima – Okonomiyaki


Hi, every one. Today, I’d like to share “Okonomiyaki” to you.

Do you know Okonomiyaki??

It is a Japanese-style pancake made from eggs, flour and water with lots of toppings. In Japanese, Okonomiyaki means “whatever you like”, thus you can put whatever you like on it.😋

I want to introduce the Okonomiyaki restaurants which my friends’ recommendations in Hiroshima.

First one is “Denkosekka”. Many of my friends recommend this to me.

It has a lot of vegetables and shiso leaves inside which make it very healthy to our bodies. It also has eggs that make it look fluffy like an omlet.

【Address : fullfocus-building 6F, 10-1, matsubara-cho, minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi】


Second of the recommendation is “Negiann”.

In Japanese “Negi” means green onions, so that they really put a lot of green onions inside with crunchy noodles. It tastes very delicious.

【Address: 2KT building2F, 9-22, mikawa-cho, naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi】


There are still many Okonomiyaki restaurants I would like to recommend you such as “Ropez”, “Goemonn”, “Hassho”, etc. You must go there and try to eat at least once in your life! 😋

And when you finish having the delicious Okonomiyaki inHiroshima, please stop by akicafe inn on your way back home. ☺️ We look forward to seeing you.

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