Winter Only!! Hot Sangria in akicafe Bar


🤗Our new item “Hot Sangria” is ready to warm you heart in this cold season! ✨

Sangria🍷 is a kind of wine cocktail which is said from Spain and Portugal. In Spanish the name has the meaning as “blood” or “bloody” which is just like its color in red. Although there are so many kinds of cocktails on the world, being famous and symbolic of a certain country at the same time is not that common. 😆

Low alcohol percentage and the good smell of fruits make Sangria become a popular and acknowledged tasty cocktail. Especially for women who do not like to drink strong alcohol but something fresh and fruity.

Hot Sangria🍷 is the best choice for you in the cold weather. 😋
It is ¥500 / cup

The color is so beautiful and charming that makes me really want to take a sip. 😋

There are many methods to make Sangria and it depends on the wine base and fruits you choose to use. In akicafe Bar, we use red wine with 5 kinds of fruits to add the flavors.🤗☺️

Would you like to have one cup of Hot Sangria with us? 🙂

【Bar info】

Open : 20:00 – 24:00
(Last oder 23:30, opens everyday unless otherwise specified )
Tax in・No Charge!

〜❄️Hot Sangria is ¥500/cup in akciafe Bar! ❄️〜

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