Traveling in Hiroshima – Shukkein Garden


Not so far from the downtown , Shukkeien Garden is a quiet place for you to go and relax. When you step into this small garden that is surrounded by numerous kinds of trees and colorful flowers, you will forget how busy the outside world is.

According to different seasons, the views to see are extremely various. This time we are going to show you the beauty of four seasons in Shukkeien Garden. 🙂

[Brief Introduction]

Shukkeien Garden has a long history dating back to 1620. Through careful cultivation of the land and vegetation, the garden mimics a variety of natural formations and scenic views and makes mountains and forests represented in miniature in the garden’s landscapes.

Shukkeien Garden has amazing views in four seasons. For the pink cherry blossoms in spring and red maple leaves in autumn, they hold the activity to let travelers experience wearing the Kimono to walk around the garden with a cheap price to take. (Please refer to the official website to see the detailed information for the activity. ) What’s more, matcha set and Momoji bun are offered as well! 


Spring is the season for most flowers, especially the Cherry Blossoms. 

In spring, the event to experience wearing Kimono to walk around the garden and light-ups at night are also held for people to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms. (The Kimono experience is around ¥2000.)


It is not as colorful as in spring though, people come to the garden to avoid the sweating-hot weather in summer. The green garden is still full of vitality for the animals like carps and turtles in the pond and the sounds of birds that you can hear everywhere.

Every year from August to October on Sunday morning, the garden will open earlier than as usual from 7am to let the first 30 guests to have free matcha set and enjoy making their own Orizuru. (Paper crane)


The most beautiful season must be Autumn, for the red maple leaves are so amazing that people can not take their eyes off from them.

Also light-ups are watchable and the activity to experience wearing Kimono is held. (The Kimono experience is around ¥2000.)

《Winter 》

Now is the turn for the Plum. The plum blossoms are at the corner on the left-hand side of the garden in various kinds of colors such as snow-white, pink, red and pink-yellow. They are just so adorable and worth visiting.

In the beginning of March or the end of February is the most appropriate period to admire those plum blossoms. Please don’t miss it! 

Walk for 3 min from the Shukkeien Garden-Mae; Walk for 15 min from guesthouse akicafe inn.

【Opening hours】 Closed: 29th-31st, Dec
# AprーSep:9:00-18:00  
# OctーMar:9:00-17:00 

Adult:¥260/person(Ticket for museum and garden together:¥610)
High school ・College students:¥150/person(Ticket for museum and garden together:¥350)

If you like those shares and introduction above, please give it a try when you have the chance to visit Hiroshima. Enjoy the sunshine and the natural gifts in Shukkeien Garden!

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