Ramen Guide By akicafe


This is Runa, aki-staff 🙂

Do you like ramen?
Of course I love it too. Basically, I like all ramen, but my strongest favorite is pork bone soy sauce.

Speaking of Hiroshima ramen, you can imagine Onomichi ramen.
However!! There are plenty of other delicious ramen too!!

How about trying Hiroshima-ramen?

【Nidaime-Mongoi  】https://tabelog.com/hiroshima/A3401/A340121/34013378/

もんごい2代目 広島
The most famous ramen in this shop:¥790

At first we introduce seafood ramen. This is Mongo’s second generation.

Once when I was a part-time job at a private school near Hiroshima Sta, my seniors often brought me this shop.
The combination of rich soup with the explosion of fishmeal aroma and noodles is sooo amazing.
Topped roast pork is cut thickly and the noodles disappear if you notice.

This ramen shop opens until 24 o’clock.
Try this ramen after drinking in Ekinishi area !

Access from akicafe: 5 minutes walk
Opening Hours: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:45(last order)


KUNIMATSU’s Dan Dan Noodles:¥700~

Speaking of soup-less Dandan noodles’ shop is here!
This shop created a boom of soup-less Dandan noodle boom in Hiroshima.

The minced meat with savory taste and the spicy spiciness of Sansho makes god harmony that can’t stop eating…..

Access from akicafe: 3 minutes walk
Opening Hours: 11:00~22:00
Location: Hiroshima Station – ekie


Kure-Style cold ramen:¥850

This shop provide cold noodles that originated in Kure city, Hiroshima.

It features sweet and sour spicy sauce and smooth flat noodles.

Such a Kure noodle shop is a favorite shop of all akicafe staff.
When the guest asks us like “Where is your recommended ramen shop?”, We definitely tell you this.

Access from akicafe: 5 minutes walk
Opening Hours: 11:00~26:00

There is no doubt if you go to the noodle shop introduced here. Definitely.
Please try it.

Akicafe staff