Neko Cafe (Cat Cafe)


Have you ever been to the Neko cafe (Cat Cafe) in Japan? 🐱

In fact, it is not a place for you to just play with the cats and drink coffee at the same time.

It is a place for those cats to stay and maybe find their next home and family.

Today we are going to show you what it is like for the Neko Cafe. 🙂

There are some Neko Cafe in the Hiroshima city though, today we will introduce the one in Japanese-style (Wafu)! It is “Hiroshima Neko Bugyou“.

Hiroshima Neko Bugyou is located at the center of Hondori shopping street between the Department store called Parco and Starbucks. (It is the red board on the picture above.)

*If you cannot find the entrance to enter in, you may just call them to ask the accurate location.

Right after you enter the door is the reception desk. Please follow the steps to enter in the store.

①Please sigh you name to make sure that you will follow the rules to touch those cats without forcing them to do anything.

②Please decide the length of time that you would like to be together with those cats and if you need to order the drinks or not. (If you want to extend the time after you enter in, it is possible.)

③Please put your luggage, bags or coats into the lockers and lock it.
(If you have larger size luggage or bags, you may ask the staff to help you with the storage.)

Besides, it is allowed to take pictures inside the store!

Let’s go into the room and see those adorable cats!!!

As soon as you enter inside, those cats will come to welcome you right away! 🎵

The atmosphere here is so unique and impressive.

The decorations, furniture and some little accessories for the whole room are so delicate.

And every cat inside has its own “personality” ! Some of them are naughty, some of them love foods too much and also some of them are friendly and easy to get close to. That’s why having time with them are so interesting. 😹

The one on our staff’s knees in the picture is especially friendly!

When you see them sleeping safe and sound, you will feel so peaceful too.❣️(Like no more worries in your mind!)

The store also prepares many profiles for you to meet those cuties.

The best methods to know them well are all recorded on the profiles! (laugh)

【What are rescued cats? 】

Those cats inside the store are rescued cats.

Some of them were away from their family accidentally, while some of them were abandoned intentionally, and even some of them used to stay in the animal shelters only to wait for the euthanasia.

They were all once in the danger situation before! And now they can only rely on the volunteers or stores like Hiroshima Neko Bugyou to take care of them and keep their lives going on.

Except for the guests who come to visit those cats, Hiroshima Neko Bugyou also hopes to find someone who can take them home and give them a warm place to stay – like a real family.

If you visit them twice and cannot find out your lovely cats, maybe it means that they have already found their real home!

Every time when I visit there it gives me this kind of atmosphere and belief! 😊

【Facility in Hiroshima Neko Bugyou】

If you want to wash your hands or clean the cat fur that sticked on your clothes, Hiroshima Neko Bugyou provides you with the facility that you need such as the sinks and the sticky rollers.

With so many facility, you can feel free to play with cats!!

When the available time is finished, the staff of the store will come to notify you.

It’s a little bit sad to say goodbye to them.(T ^ T)

Let’s take out our luggage and coats inside the locker and go to the reception desk to pay for it.

(And please do not forget about your camera~~)

【Information about Hiroshima Neko Bugyou】

◎Home Page :

◎Instagram :

Instagram Account : @hiroshima.nekobugyou

◎Twitter Account : @nekobugyou301


【Access to Hiroshima Neko Bugyoufrom akicafe inn】

◎By streetcar : Enkobashi-cho→Hatchobori

Walk to Parco and the store is right next to it.

◎By feet : It takes about 20 min to get to the store from akicafe inn.

Cats in Hiroshima Neko Bugyoufrom are all well-protected and friendly to human beings. Please come to visit them and you will be healed by them without doubt! 🙂

If you need to find a place to stay in Hiroshima for your sightseeing, please give guesthouse akicafe inn a chance to host you. 🙂

We look forward to seeing you soon.

akicafe inn staff