Miyajima Island



Miyajima Island


Itsukushima is famous as one of the world cultural heritages and also one of the “Three views of Japan”.

Although the red gate (Torii ) standing above the sea is in renovation now, there are still many spots worth visiting as the island is said that human beings coexist with Gods for a long history.

There are two ways to go to Itsukushima : JR and Hiroshima Electric Railway

Take JR from Hiroshima station by Sanyohonsen (to way of Miyajima・Iwakuni ) and get off at Miyajimaguchi station. After walking through the underpass about five minutes and there will be the ferry.

2.Hiroshima Electric Railway:
Take No.2 at Hiroshima station (to Miyajima) and get off at Miyajimaguchi station and you will see the ferry. It is recommended to buy one-day ticket for the electric railway since the price includes for both railway and the ferry.

The Torii on the sea – Itsukushima shrine

Because of the tidal changes , even at the same place you can have different visual experiences. When at high tide, the shrine looks like floating with the beautiful reflections shining on the surface of the sea; while at low tide, you can also admire the views for the sunset.

Daisho-In, toyokuni jinja, Omoto jinja  and other shrines live many kinds of Gods and it is the reason why ancient folks say that the island coexists with Gods.

Keeping climbing and you will go through the Momijidani Park , then it will be the top of the highest mountain in Itsukushima-Misen. If you are not sure whether your strength is enough or not, there is the cable car(rope way) for an alternative.

Get off from the cable car at the Shishiiwa station and walk for a while then you will reach the mountain top. At the top, you can overlook the scenery of the island in Setouchi Inland Sea. Walk down along the road , you can get back to the Omotesando (the road in front of the shrine).

There are many sorts of foods on Omotesando. You can try some famous foods such as grilled oysters, fried ones, or momiji manju (maple leaves- shaped bun with some ingredients inside) and some good coffee as well. Also, special and meaningful souvenir and sweets can be found on the island.

Let’s get home with the beautiful sunset!😊