Introduction of Guesthouse akicafe inn (Cafe, Chapter 4)


Good evening, everyone! Today’s topic is:the breads that are used at akicafe!

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Crispy, soft and splingy(like Mochi)
Crispy, soft and splingy(like Mochi)

The bread which is used for “Whipped butter and red bean paste on rice flour toast”(←This menu is famous for akicafe)is made by special order from Bakery Peace, a rice flour bread specialty store in Danbaracho, Hiroshima City.

🍞No.1 popular menu @akicafe🍞

The bread is made of specially cultivated rice from the third prefecture of Hiroshima and is made of 100% butter and no margarine.

It is slightly sweet, crispy outside, Mochi like inside, and has the unique flavor and texture of rice flour. ^ _ ^

outside of "Bakery PEACE"

There are a lot of side dish breads and sweet breads in the shop, and they are delicious and fun! ^ _ ^

It is about a 20-minute walk and about a 10-minute bicycle ride from akicafe.

Why don’t you go for a walk to this shop?
(Ah, before doing so, let’s eat akicafe’s butter-and-red bean toast!(o^^o)

【About Bekery Peace】

〒732-0811 4-15-5 Danbara, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Regular holiday:Thu、Sun
Business hours:9:00ー18:00

akicafe staff