Introduction of Guesthouse akicafe inn (Cafe, Chapter 1)


Wa have a cafe that Everyone can use on 1F!
Today, I wanna introduce some of our menu! ☕️

Inside of our cafe!

Breakfast time is 8am🕗~11am🕚.

First batter is “Full Breakfast” 🍽!
 🍳Japanese Omlet
 🥣Homemade Granola
 🍞Sourdough Toast
 🍊Orange Juice    are on one plate!
In total  ✨¥700✨

Since it is bookings-essential, please make a reservation at least one night before you want to have it! 😋And of course it is provided for guests who do not stay in our guesthouse as well. 🙂

Full Breakfast!! 😋

Brunch/Lunch time is11am🕚~4pm🕓.

We would like to recommend our “Fluffy Thick Japanese Omlet Sandwiches” to you! 🥪
We use plenty of free-range eggs 🥚from Onomichi which taste so juicy, and the home-made creamy mayonnaise in between the sourdough toast also adds more flavor to the sandwiches.

(To tell you a little secret : This is the most popular one for our staff. 😂)

Fluffy Thick Japanese Omlet Sandwiches

We still have many things want to introduce to you!!! Please wait for our chapter 2 to see more about our cafe. 🙂

akicafe inn