Futabanosato, Historical Walking Trail


Hello! This is Alice from akicafe inn.

“Where can I go for a walk nearby akicafe?”
“Where can I see the sunrise or sunset in Hiroshima?”

These are the questions frequently asked when I am at the reception desk.

The view above the Mt.Futaba. ❣️

In fact, except for the Peace Memorial Park and the famous Miyajima Island, there are still some secret spots that are not so tourism-oriented. Today I would like to introduce “Futabanosato, Historical Walking Trail” to you.

First of all, let’s check the map!

【The basic information】
About 10-min walk from the Hiroshima North Exit, you will arrive at the center of this map called “Onaga Temmangu Shrine (No.13).”

From the eastern part Saizo-ji Temple (No.16) to the western part Fudoin Temple(No.1) hiking through the Mt. Futaba Peace Pagoda (No.12), it takes about 5 hours to finish the strolling course.

If you have some free time while you stay in Hiroshima or akicafe inn, it will be a good option to walk around those ancient temples and admire their history and the scenery at the same time.

Below are my personal experiences for visiting the historical walking trail. (o^-^o) If you like the pictures and story of mine, please read until the end of the article and maybe leave your comment to tell me your thoughts.(≧∇≦)

【First visit】January, 2017

My first time visiting the walking trail was a wonderful experience. I went there with my best friends when I was still a free-accommodation staff in akicafe inn. We started from the Onaga Temmangu Shrine and hiked through the Mt. Futaba Peace Pagoda.

When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we were so surprised to see the views of the whole Hiroshima city!! And we were also lucky enough to bump into those adorable people who joined the activity held by the community center nearby.

We talked a lot (since we were “foreigners”, in comparison with Japanese XD) and also played games together. In such a good weather and nice views we had the happy memory, and hence the place became one of my favorite places in Hiroshima.

Those old happy days with my dear friends Gwen, Martijn and Antje are so precious.
That I will never forget them.

Especially impressive thing was that, we even got the “お餅(rice cake)” from those people. They were all elder than us though, they had such great strength that they could even carry the rice cake and the pot from the bottom(from their houses) of the mountain. 😎

Having great foods and nice conversations together with the spectacular views beside must be the happiest thing on the world, I believe. 🙂

The Pagoda under the blue sky!

However in this time, we did not check the map well. 😂As a result we finished the trip as being lost in the forest then. We found our way home and went out of the mountain at one of the abandoned baseball field next to the Nigitsu Shrine (No.7). (・_・;

It was just like a big adventure for us! (A little bit nervous though XD)

We finally found the right “Toshogu Shrine” on our way home. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

【Second visit】January, 2019

In Japan, they call the “first visit to a shrine on 31st, Dec night” as “Hatsumoude(初詣)”. The night in Futabanosato, Historical Walking Trail will become totally different as usual. 🤣

People will wait in a long queue on the stairs to go into the shrine, and pray for the happiness and health for the new year.

The “Hatsumoude(初詣)” in Toshogu Shrine.

If you want to experience the traditional ways that Japanese celebrate the new year, please come here and enjoy the atmosphere! (Maybe you can bring your foreign friends!! :p)

【Third Visit】January, 2020

The third time to visit Futabanosato, Historical Walking Trail was the most impressive one without doubt. This time we hiked from the little road next to the Toshogu Shrine, passing by the Kinko Inari Shrine to Mt. Futaba Peace Pagoda. (It was the correct way!!!)

The entrance of Kinko Inari Shrine is with lots of Torii!

It was not an easy hiking way though, you can definitely see the beautiful view as the picture below on the way to mountain top.

On the half way lies the beautiful scenery of the Hiroshima city.

And then, I came here again after the first visit 2 years ago.

On the top, you will see the Hiroshima station, the city view, and even the far Setouchi Inland Sea. The sunset was still as extraordinary as before! ❣️(That’s why I really want to recommend everyone this place!! 💕)

If you want to see the sunset with the whole Hiroshima city and the far mountains sights together, please come here to experience it! (As for myself, I would like to come here for visiting the sunrise some day in the future. ☺️)

My friend Lillian took the picture for me. 🙂

If you come to stay in akicafe inn, please leave some time to walk around this place. I believe you will recover from the tiredness once you see the views as me. 😉

akicafe inn Alice
See you next time. 😍