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Our staff tour this time came to Taishaku Gorge, one of the most well-known places for its red leaves in autumn. Although it is 2-hour drive from the center of the city (akicafe inn), it is really worth visiting. It is said that from this weekend on the maple leaves will be in all red. (We went this weekday when the leaves were still green.) Please grab the time to have a visit and enjoy the natural scenery. ◦°˚(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

🍁The Lake Shinryu(The best timing for red leaves starts from this weekend! )🍁

First of all, let’s check the map below. 😉 The route for our staff tour is like this:
The Lake Shinryu area in the lower streams → The Taishaku area for the upper streams.

Taishaku Gorge is a valley deep in the mountains around 20km long!

【The Lake Shinryu area in the lower streams 】

Departing from akicafe inn at around 8:30 in the morning, we spent 2 hours and finally arrived in Lake Shinryu area. The weather was so nice and blue sky and lake were so crystal clear that we could not take off our eyes from them.💕☺️ What’s more, we even saw a graceful swan swimming on the lake. 🦢

We recommend you to travel around the lake area by the cruise ferry. (It takes about 40 min)

【Available Period】From the end of March to the beginning of December
【Available Time】 9:00-16:30
【Price】     Adult ¥1500,Child¥750

You can also take a walk around the lake and admire three of the beautiful red bridges among the small forests.

The mountain is dyed with colors of autumn. 😘
The owner of akicafe inn and the bartender Kris ☺️
It’s so wonderful!!!

⚠️ Attention ⚠️
The trails between Shinryu Bridge and Kamoji Bridge is too steep and difficult to hike, if you have no confidence conquering the whole trails, we strongly recommend you to drive to the Taishaku area directly. 🤣 Even now I can feel so scary for the memories for the uphills. 🤣

【The Taishaku area in the upper streams 】

After a short drive to the Taishaku area, we went to the “Hakuun Cave”. Inside the cave you can see many stalactite in various shapes and admire the masterpieces of the Nature.

The stalactite in the cave.

【Opening Hours】9am to 15pm
【Closed Days】 Thursdays
【Price】     Adult ¥300、Senior high students ¥200、Junior high/ Elementary school ¥150

Red leaves along the riverside.

Walk for 10 min from the Hakuun Cave, we saw the Onbashi Bridge which is said to be the 3 of the most beautiful natural bridges. You can tell its  fascination from the picture below!! (so amazing)

Human beings are so small in front of the giant bridge. ((・_・;)
We were healed by the splendid views.٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Although it is a little bit far from the center of Hiroshima city, the scenery is definitely worth visiting. This year is a bit warmer the usual, so the season for red leaves🍁 will start from this weekend!!☺️ No matter how busy you are, please remember to take a rest and enjoy the colorful season. 。^‿^。

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